Expense Log #3: (Mostly) otome games

I didn’t purchase any fashion items (because I’m trying to reduce my clothing and I remembered that a jacket I preordered last year is arriving this month). I didn’t purchase any other form of entertainment other than my otome games and microtransactions on Genshin. I did purchase some skincare this month since I ran out of moisturizer and my concealer expired a long time ago, but that’s about it.

I’ve been enjoying two of the games that I bought thoroughly. I must say they’re really pricey around $50 each, but this price tag is standard for an otome game on Switch. I’m a complete sucker for scenarios that have dark plot twists and the titles I bought were exactly that, so I’m very satisfied with it. I was really tempted to buy a bunch of titles in one go so I have a stash of titles to go through later, but I realized I won’t have the time to play all of these once I start the preparation for moving out (and finally start working).

In-game city decorated for the Lantern Rite event (in time for Chinese New Year)

Other than that, I guess I gave in to my temptations to roll for more gacha on Genshin. I was really happy to get the characters I wanted, but I know I don’t actually need them. Thinking about it right now, I really shouldn’t have done it, though. I’m slightly regretting my decision. I guess the festive mode in-game somehow influenced me.

I’m quite happy that I didn’t purchase many things this month, but then again, the price for each transaction was quite high. In the end, the total amount of money I spent didn’t change much compared to last month’s. I’d like to say that I want to lessen my expenditure next month, but that’s clearly impossible.

Next month’s expense log is definitely going to explode. 90% of the stuff would be costs from moving out and I’m not looking forward to see how empty my bank account will be in a couple of weeks.

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  1. I know how you feel about spending money and regretting it. I spent a little too much today, but my husband knows I bought something for our daughter. (I found a Animal Crossing New Horizon Tee in her size). It was more than I would have liked to spend, but I know she’ll love it. Although, I’m not giving it to her right now because of her behavior. She’s been pretty naughty and chooses to be like that. I’m glad you’re enjoying your games. 🙂

    1. Speaking of Animal Crossing, they’re going to release a 1.9 update that allows you to use Sanrio amiibo! I personally don’t have any of the cards myself, but man, I want to collect those Sanrio themed clothing and furniture. I bet they’re going to get sold out the instant sales went online.

        1. I found some information that they’re opening a pre-order for the Sanrio amiibos on the Japanese website. Not sure if the US Nintendo website has it, though. Might need to check it.

  2. Aww…. 🙁 It’s not on the US site. Boo. I am, however, getting Pokemon Snap for my birthday! (Comes out the day before my birthday in the US)! I’m so excited, so I guess I’m okay with skipping the Sanrio stuff on AC. lol

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