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Hobonichi Techo 2018 Line Up

All images used here are from Hobonichi’s website.

Yes, it’s that time of the year already! My favorite planner brand has revealed its new line up at their website. Unfortunately, I have to say that the designs for 2018 don’t really pique my interest. I only have my eyes on three planner covers for this year’s, which I still don’t know if I’ll purchase, yet.

Hydrangea cover from the A6 Color series

I don’t know why but simple and calm colored covers always catches my eye more than anything. The Hydrangea cover has a similar color pattern with this year’s Sherbet which involves a mix of blue and pink. The only difference would be the darkness and paleness of the color. I do love this one better compared to Sherbet because it gives off a sophisticated feel to it. The book and cover set cost ¥3780 which is probably the cheapest of all other cover combinations.

Makoto Kagoshima’s Bird, Flower, Willow A6 cover

Different from Hydrangea, the “Bird, Flower, Willow” cover is made from linen which makes it more special compared to the other covers. The downside is that you don’t really want to put a plastic cover on cover to protect this original linen cover since it’ll just erase the uniqueness. It sells at a higher price for ¥5400 for the book and cover set. I’m afraid of staining the cover if I use it (since I’m so clumsy), but otherwise, this cover is gorgeous on its own.

Weeks cover “Irma” by Liberty Fabrics

Irma” might be the only cover from the Weeks series that I fell in love with. Since this is a wallet type cover, it doesn’t include the main journal inside. This is also the most expensive cover that I liked which cost ¥12960 (yes, hella expensive, I know). If I were to purchase this cover, I wouldn’t use it to store my journal, but rather use it as a wallet. I know this is probably not worth the money, though. Haha.

That ends my whole rambling about the new 2018 Hobonichi line up! What do you think about the covers for next year? Which one caught your interest?



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  1. As I told you before on Twitter, this year’s lineup is meh… and although I said I wouldn’t be switching to A5 in the end, I’m still hesistating now!! 😥 The covers that caught my eye for A6 are Hydrangea, A Book and Flowers, Strawberry Feast and imagine. In the Cousin lineup, only Fluterring, I guess.

    I still don’t know what I’m going to order, my head’s a mess for the moment haha

  2. I really like the soft colors of the Hydrangea cover. (I really want to grow pink and blue Hydrangeas whenever I get a house). I just really love the color pairings. It’s very feminine. I also really like the Nancy Ann cover as well. The thumbnail doesn’t do it justice though. It looks so busy, but when I clicked on it for a better look, I completely fell in love with it. I’m not sure, but I find it very girly and reminds me of something from my past—actually, I remember now. It reminds me of an outfit that I got for the baby when she was a couple of months old. I linked the post about it on my blog so you can see the image of the baby. 🙂

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