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I’m still alive but barely

Hey there! Sorry for the long vacancy on updates. I’ve been spending the rest of my holiday watching anime and doing unproductive things. Lol. University is going to resume classes on October 4th and I’m still not ready to leave for Japan again.

I’ve also been putting up some strategies for the next course registration (which is tomorrow). It was very confusing to choose 9 classes from the long list provided. And since I will be a second year student starting from next semester, I will have to take major classes to start completing my credit requirements. I’m so not excited.

Anyways, I finished watching Sakurada Reset anime. It was really interesting with all the timeline resets and all. It reminded me a lot of Steins Gate but with less complexity and more romance, I guess? I’d highly recommend this anime for mystery and supernatural genre lovers. I also (finally) finished Naruto and caught up with Boruto. Personally, I’m not a big fan of Naruto, but since it’s one of my old childhood anime I thought I should at least finish it and see the ending for myself. Haha. Listening to the old opening, ending and OSTs really made me feel nostalgic. I even downloaded the whole OP/ED songs afterwards.

I know I promised I would post about my holidays but I haven’t got the motivation to do so. (Hello procrastination, my old friend.) I will probably post one some day after the course registration ends tomorrow. Wish me tons of luck. ❤️



A 22 y.o child at heart and office worker. Spends most of her free time browsing YouTube and playing RPG games. Has an attention span of 3 seconds and sucks at organizing her thoughts.

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  1. I don’t blame you for being unproductive. University takes a lot out of you! I don’t actually know for myself, but my husband was always tired after classes and doing his studies. You should take the time to do nothing! Also, I look forward to seeing your trip when you do get to posting it! I never watched “Naruto”. I know of it and that’s about it. And I kind of know about “Baruto”.

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