I’m starting to hate the bakery

Perhaps, ‘hating the coworkers’ would be a better choice of words to describe the situation. As a part timer in the kitchen, my job consists of two parts: preparation and cleaning. I prepare frozen bread for the next day and clean the whole mess after everyone uses the kitchen. This one lady who is in charge of a multitude of stuff, usually stays until the end so I’m stuck cleaning stuff with her.

The first few days of work, she explained briefly about what I should be doing at work. I don’t only prepare frozen bread neatly on the tray, I also have to regularly check the fridge and restock items from the freezer if it’s running low, check the huge cooling machine to see if there are any bread that could be brought out, putting things in and out of the oven, and a fuckton of other stuff. Once this all is done, it’s usually time for my lunch break.

After lunch, I usually will be doing one or two more preparation routines before the lady tells me to enter the cleaning phase. This lady, though, never mentioned anything about the particular order of how to clean stuff, and she never explained thoroughly how one should be doing things. Today, she stopped my work and said that I’ve been doing things in the wrong order and that I’m not doing it properly. She also commented on how I’m not replenishing the stuff enough and how I still have a lot of bread inside the cooling machine not brought out and that should be done first. The whole time she was babbling my mind could only go ??? since she never mentioned anything about the order. Also, I have also been doing stuff as she demonstrated and instructed since day one. She suddenly complained that I didn’t do these small extra steps I should be doing (which I didn’t since I didn’t fucking know that I should). Another thing that just got me going huhhhhh?? was that she wanted me to keep an eye on the inventory and constantly replenish while I’m doing the cleaning. I am a single person, I can’t make stupid shadow clones to do all of that at once, lady.

She also said that she’s taught me everything I needed to know and that I should be able to think and take action on my own. She repeated that exact line three times already and I’m already sick of it. I think she kept saying that because she keeps catching me not working because I was literally thinking what I should be doing next. (And when I actually take action on my own she told me that that’s not the thing I should be doing at the moment and instructs me to do other stuff instead). I am so done with this hag.

I don’t actually know how the other coworkers are, but the other two ladies I know talks less and looks meaner but so far I have not gotten into trouble with them, yet. I really don’t want to work with this one lady that has been getting on my nerves but I’ve got to bear with it just a couple more months before I can finally quit.

Edit (12/11): Cried at work today because they kept adding my workload yet expecting me to do everything without any trouble. I guess I’m just overwhelmed with all this responsibility and having to deal with this particular coworker. I talked about it with my supervisor (the non-bitchy one) about it and she tried to shift my working times so I have less times together with the annoying lady. At this point it just seems like I’m constantly whining and I’m just weak to pressure and stress but I really can’t handle everything thrown to me at the moment. I need a break.

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  1. I know how you felt. I got treated the same way when I worked at a donut shop. It sucks, but there isn’t much you can do but to tolerate it. I know it’s not the advice you were hoping for, but it doesn’t mean you can’t look for another temporary job while working there. I recommend it if you truly hate your job. You shouldn’t wake up not wanting to go to work every day. Again, I can relate to you, and sometimes every job you get sucks. Welcome to being an official adult. Life sucks the older you get. lol

    1. I told the story to my mom and she basically said the same thing: suck it up. Lol. I am well aware that my tolerance is very low. Guess I need to build it up from now. Not sure if I want to quit this one and start a new one somewhere because learning from 0 again is a pain. It also doesn’t get rid of the possibility of encountering assholes either. Can’t be running away forever from this. Haha.

  2. I know that’s what I would do. It’s not like it’s your career. And you’re definitely trying. I’m sure because you’re a “foreigner” the manager is giving you a harder time. I would just ignore it and continue what you’re doing. You’re probably and most likely not doing anything wrong. If I can put up working at Walmart for years, I know a few months would be no problem for you! Remember to rant daily though in your journal. Your frustrations will end up catching with you eventually, and it’ll be a bad. Make sure you do something fun for at least 30 minutes to an hour daily too, especially after work. It’ll help a lot 🙂

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