Introducing my Hobonichi for 2021!

I got my Hobonichi package delivered today! It’s only been three days since I placed my order so it’s really quick this time. This year’s box color is yellow (they change it every year). It’s the exact same color as the 2018 one (yes I still keep that box).

They didn’t have tapes all around the box like previous years. Instead they used this small circular seal to protect the package, which I think is cute and adds a nice little touch. I prefer this seal as it doesn’t destroy your entire box when you try to rip it off. That way you can still repurpose the box while maintaining it’s nice condition.

Introducing the main stars!

It’s my first time ordering something that comes with ‘boxes’. Usually the journal and covers are only wrapped in plastic. This extra paper box makes it seem a little bit more special.

The pencil board and brush pen

I ordered an additional pencil board this time since I kinda liked the design. I’m not sure if anyone is familiar with it but it’s Chibi Maruko-chan. I’ve known this character since I was small and I guess seeing it made me a bit nostalgic, which led me to purchase it haha. The pen on the right is actually a fude pen (lit. brush pen). It’s included as this year’s freebie and typically used to draw calligraphies.

Opening the yellow box

The yellow box houses the 5-year techo. You get a simple guide of how to use it as well as a paper to test out fountain pen inks. It’s a nice addition to figure out which bleeds and which doesn’t. The book itself is a tad bit bulkier than the original journal.

The interior of Search and Collect cover

Next up is the cover itself! Originally, this cover was created last year for the original A6 journals but they decided to repurpose it and create one special size for the 5-year techo itself. They got rid of the extra card slots and bookmarks. I kinda wished they included one since I don’t like using the normal bookmark that came with the techo (it just unravels like crazy over time).

I don’t really have any complains about this year’s purchase. Rather than that, I’m quite satisfied with it! I’m looking forward to 2021 so I can use this journal soon. Enjoy the unboxing video that I made for fun! (Excuse the subtitle typos, I’m too tired to fix it lol).

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  1. Wow! I really love your journal! It’s so cute and sophisticated! I always love watching your videos of unboxing things! I’m too much too impatient to make videos like that lol I’m not familiar with the character, but the pencil board is super cute! I love brush pens. I’m not really good at using them just yet, but I really love the effortless of writing calligraphy with them! (I used to hand draw with using a .05mm Sakura fineliner pen. Very time consuming).

    I heard there was a (super) typhoon going to hit Japan. Will it effect you? Please stay safe!

    1. Thank you for always giving it a watch! Haha. It makes all the editing worthwhile.

      Yes, the typhoon is going to hit my area. The local government and universities have been warning us to stay indoors and stock up our food ASAP before it’s too dangerous to do anything else. It’s scheduled to hit us on the 7th (so 6th at your timezone). I’m kinda worried since the university never really warned us this bad, so I hope it’s nothing too serious.

  2. It can be serious. Stay away from your window, if you can. Make sure you have flashlights near you, and something you can do while the power is out. I hope this advice isn’t too late. Also I hope you remember to charge your phone the night before! Stay safe!

    1. Thank you for worrying! The typhoon has passed and it’s nothing too serious. Things were fine as long as you stay indoors. It’s a good thing that the eye of the typhoon doesn’t hit my city, so the impacts are smaller than affected.

  3. I’m glad you are safe! It always seem like they make a bigger deal than it really is, but you just never know. Also, I’m sorry that I’m doing this again, but my URL changed again. Hopefully for the last time for awhile.

    1. The city I live in was just lucky. In reality, other prefectures were hit real hard to the point electricities were cut off.

      I was worried when I couldn’t access your blog, I thought something happened haha. Don’t be sorry about changing the URLs, I know finding that one name you like can be hard!

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