Maintaining Greeneries

Ever since I took ikebana (flower arrangement) class in university, I’ve taken up the habit of having plants/flowers somewhere in my room. They give you this soothing feeling that I can’t explain. For someone who lives alone, having plants makes me feel like there’s a separate living being that I should take care of and pay attention to every day.

Previously, I would buy flowers from the local supermarket and have them only for around 3 days before they wither and die. But I’ve always wondered why the flowers I got from the ikebana class always lasts longer (up to one week). I just came to the conclusion that the supermarket flowers are poorly maintained. (Since they’re all indoors with no direct sunlight and stuff). I was tired of having to dispose of and buy new flowers every several days so at one point I just stopped buying.

Then I stumbled upon an app literally named Flower. They provide flower curation and delivery to your doorstep. I found it fascinating that someone actually provides this service in Japan. I wasn’t gonna try it out since the flower itself cost 500 yen (around $5?) per set excluding the $4 shipping. But they’re giving free flowers for first-timers so I only had to pay for the shipping so I went for it haha.

How the flowers got packed and delivered

I was really curious how they’re going to ship flowers while maintaining their condition during shipping. I was quite surprised that they put extra care to each flower into a dedicated vial with water inside. The box is also designed so that it doesn’t block air circulation. They also included a vitamin for the flowers so that they stay healthy after getting transported for so long.

Close up of the flowers
In the vase
Full shot

The flowers were precut so it’s relatively shorter compared to the ones you get directly from a flower shop or supermarket. Because of that, I didn’t have a proper vase that could accommodate it. So I decided to just put it inside a glass that I usually use for painting haha.

It’s been three days ever since I received the flowers but they’re still healthy and looking alive. I’m really happy with the product and service this company provides. I would really love to continue using this service but maybe not for the time being (since this is actually really pricey, haha).

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  1. I love flower arrangements. I never took a class on it, but I was told that I’m very good at it. I had to arrange flowers for Valentine’s day when I was working. I never heard of a mail-order service for flowers! That’s so interesting! Also the flower arrangement you received is very pretty. It’s funny, but I just took a picture of my snake plant this morning to post it on my blog! lol We think too much alike! Have you considered an indoor plant like a snake plant? They don’t require too much water or sunlight, and suppose to improve the air. I’m going to eventually re-plant mine in a much nicer pot. Chinese Evergreens, Fiddle Leaf Fig, English Ivy, Bromeliad (one of my favorites and hoping to attain soon), Kalanchoe (another one I want to get), Snake Plant, are all great indoor plants that don’t require a lot of sunlight. I also love caring for my plant, but sometimes I do forget to water which is why I picked my first one to be a little hardy. Anyways, enjoy your flowers!

    1. I have considered indoor plants like that but I’ve never thought of buying one just because I don’t know the name of these plants in Japanese and I’m too lazy to look it up lmao. Maybe if I get to stay longer in Japan then I’ll get one for my apartment? If not, maybe I’ll get one if I go back to Indonesia haha.

  2. A snake plant is called Sanseberia in Japan, I think? Unfortunately, I think the ones I mention are probably from my region? I’m sure you can ask any plant nursery which would be best. I really love the snake plant.

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