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Making progress

Although I have not reverted to my normal sleeping and eating schedule, I have been making steady progress on my thesis. I have decided to focus on it and get it done ASAP so that I can shift my attention fully for job hunting. Of course, it’s easier said than done since I start to worry if I’m missing any job opportunities. But it gets me on my feet and it gets me working, so it’s better than nothing.

Today, I got a recruiter reaching out to me, asking if I would be interested to apply to a certain position. I expressed my interest and we talked through the phone but after that, I lost interest. I thought I was desperate enough that I’m willing to do any job in order to stay in Japan, but I guess not.

The job position was that of an IT support (like customer support but for IT?). It pays the minimum wage for fresh graduates (like all other companies in Japan). However, I wasn’t sure if I should jump on this offer and apply to the company as they require interviews in Tokyo instead of remote online interviews. I’m wondering what the HR was thinking about that they’re conducting physical interviews in this situation. It just adds to my suspicions that I wouldn’t like the company.

Is it wrong for me to not grab this opportunity when the job market is so scarce? I want a job, but I don’t want it if it’s something that I wouldn’t like at all … I’m not sure what I am supposed to do. Sigh.



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    1. Things are going okay! I finished my final draft just yesterday! I’ve just submitted to my professor for some feedback. Hopefully, I can wrap it up soon!

  1. That’s great to hear! I’m glad you’re almost done with it! Then you can focus on other things and not worry about it! Are you able to study something else?

    1. Aside from the thesis, I haven’t been putting effort into anything else. Lol. And since I’m taking zero classes this semester, I honestly only have thesis and job hunting to juggle. But somehow it’s impossible to multitask between these two … Sigh.

      Speaking of classes, I wanna complete a video class that I bought a couple of months ago but I don’t have the appropriate video editing program to do that lmao.

  2. Are you able to get a dual degree? I’m not sure how Japanese Universities work. I know here you can get two degrees (or three or four but I think you’ll eventually have to pay out of pocket for them). I actually understand that it’s hard to juggle the two. My husband likes to say that certain things require more mana than others. Job hunting and thesis writing both take lots of mana. It’s very stressful and tiring. I hate looking for jobs. It’s boring and tiring and I get tired of typing the same things over and over again. lol

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