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Minimal Skincare 2020

I haven’t updated my skincare items for a while, so here I am introducing some old and new items in my routine!

Sioris Milk Cleanser (left) and Klavuu’s Cleansing Oil (right)

I ran out of my old balm cleansers (previously used E Nature and Heimish). So I decided to give some new brands a try.

I originally thought Sioris’ milk cleanser was a second cleanser. But after reading the description and using it, I realized it’s more of first step cleanser where it cleans your make up and grimes haha (it doesn’t foam at all). It actually works as a 2 in 1 cleanser if you don’t use any makeup.

If I were to choose between these two cleansers for makeup cleansing, I would pick Klavuu’s Divine Pearl Cleansing Oil. The consistency is really light and it easily glides over the skin. And it doesn’t make ur skin dry! This oil cleanser made me deviate away from balm cleansers completely.

Laneige Cream Skin Refiner (left) and Canmake Mermaid Skingel UV (right)

For summer, I don’t really use a lot of products as I like to keep it simple. Laneige’s Cream Skin is an all-time favorite and it’s really useful for all seasons. For summer, one or two layers of application is enough and I just seal it up with my trusty Canmake sunscreen. To be honest, I haven’t found any products that top up the hydrating ability of the Cream Skin. I understand why it’s so revolutionary and loved because you can really feel your skin getting hydrated upon application.

Melano CC and Wishtrend’s Mandelic Acid

Of course, we can’t forget the supplementary products. Melano CC has never failed to get rid of my over-pigmentation from acne. It’s honestly an omnipotent product that will always have a spot on my skincare shelf.

Previously, I’ve been using COSRX’s AHA chemical exfoliator and I decided to try out the Mandelic Acid as it’s gentler. It does’t irritate my skin as much and has been working great to get rid of dead skin cells.

This ends the introduction of my minimized regime. If you notice, I didn’t mention anything about foaming cleansers. That is because I can’t really find the ONE face cleanser that I love, yet. I will surely update the post when I discover one!



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  1. I’m always impressed with how well you take care of your skin! I would buy the Canmake product only because it has the word mermaid in it. lol My favorite cleanser are ones with charcoal or volcanic ash/lava in it. 🙂 I’m using a generic brand at the moment and it gets the job done, but I like the organic brand my mother-in-law bought during her vacation to one of the Virgin Islands I believe? I can’t remember any more. lol

    1. Even though I put effort to take care of it using skincare, my actual sleeping and eating habits nullify it lol. I’ve never tried volcanic type cleansers before as I was afraid it would be too drying. But I guess that’s good for summer as I get too oily. 😛

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