One month post transfer

I’m slowly adapting to my new division. The supervisor has been actively teaching me a lot of stuff ever since I joined the team, and that’s something that I’m really grateful for. He’s a bit different than the rest of my coworkers because he joined the company mid career. As a Japanese, he’s pretty straightforward with his action and words, which is kind of similar to my previous superior in the Headquarters. This has allowed me to be more comfortable when communicating with my other coworkers as well.

I also started talking to my colleagues a bit more frequently. Previously, there weren’t many chances were I could communicate with them since we were in a totally different business unit. But moving here has allowed me to easily visit their workspace when I need to. We even went for a yakiniku dinner the other day and sang for two hours in the Karaoke, which was something really unexpected because two of them are totally indoor types. But then again, I might be at fault for being the one to drag them out haha. I’m happy they didn’t say no to my invitation, though.

If there’s anything that I’m unhappy about, it would be about my salary. They started to deduct $100 from my salary each month because I became a second-year and I need to start paying ‘living tax’. I think it’s dumb since we’re already paying so much income tax. Now they want to take living tax? Do I have to pay money because I exist? Japan, why.

Another thing would be the god damn temperature. How is it that it goes as high as 39 degrees Celsius (102.2 F) everyday? Living in this city feels like living in a sauna. I won’t be surprised if I hear that someone died out of heatstroke. It’s just unbelievably scorching outdoors and I can’t survive with air conditioning anymore even though it’s still June. At this rate, I’m scared what will become of July and August, where summer reaches its peak.

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  1. I’m glad that you’re adjusting well! I’m sure it’s a lot better when you’re busy then watching the clock most of the time. (I know there are just slow days too!) I’m glad to hear that you’re taking initiative to ask your co-workers to go and do stuff with you. It might not occur to them to ask since you’re new! And I’m sure they had a great time going out and doing something with you! Don’t give up making friends! You’re a wonderful person to know! And I get how hot it is! We’re suffering from the same thing here. The humidity is making it feel 10° hotter than it actually is. Yesterday, the feels were at 112°F, and we haven’t got that much rain. I’m worried that hurricane season will get really bad in the July-August months (even September!)

    Also, I love your photo! The flowers are beautiful as well as your art!

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