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Reads about death and mind

I finally got several books to post about ever since my last book related post. The reasons for the long wide gap of unavailable reads are: 1) I just didn’t have the time to read and; 2) There aren’t so many interesting books being published recently.

Which led to another reason why the books that I read this time was published like two or three years ago. They were great books and I wonder why it just caught my eye right now.

Counting by 7s

The story follows Willow Chance, a genius kid who is interested in plants and medical world. The book tells about her hardships and how she experiences and fights the depression from losing her loved ones together with her newfound friends, Mai and Quang Ha. Literally every character introduced in this book has one similarity in which they are lost and are swimming against the tide to overcome their own challenges.

I love the book for the reason I could relate to Willow and feel what she was feeling. It also presented some kind of lesson about real life situations that a person would definitely experience one day. Overall, this book was really nicely written!

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

This is indeed one of the funniest books I’ve read about death. The story centres around Greg Gaines, his friend Earl Jackson, and his dying friend Rachel Kushner. The first few hundred pages of the book was pretty entertaining and hilarious as it tells the everyday life story of Greg trying to not stand out at school along with his early filmmaking years with Earl. The rest of the few chapters nearing the end of the story was a bit depressing to me because of the ‘dying’ part.

This book may have comments on how similar it is with The Fault in Our Stars because of the ‘dying girl’ part. But this has nothing similar to TFIOS except for the dying thing. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl has it’s own originality and humour.


This is actually the very first educational book that I’ve read about psychology. Nothing much to mention except for the amazing list of experiments that is included inside. It may be interesting for people who has high curiosity in science field.

P.S: This book is borrowed from Kiev. (Thanks for lending me!)



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