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Unproductive weekend

Me and my mom attended a meeting with the university representative yesterday. As a result of it, I don’t get to attend extra classes at school. (Yay for skipping.) Lots of things regarding to enrolment were explained but most of it were really boring to me. I was still a bit upset for only getting 65% reduction because the person who sat beside me got 80%. Well, I don’t really know if I’ll decide to enrol in the future.

We went to the mall today to repair my bro’s glasses. It has a big crack on it’s right frame. Both me and my brother had our eye conditions checked and found out that it became worse. 😐 The store clerk said it was probably caused by staring at phone and laptop screens to frequent and also activities that involved staring at screens in the dark … which were exactly the things that I usually did. (Oops.)

My brother ordered a new glasses while I didn’t. I swear the frames themselves are so expensive which was almost equivalent to a pair of lenses.

We went window shopping after that and decided to go into some boutiques. My mom then bought me a white blouse for formal events.

It has a short zipper at the back which would allow you to undress easily. This top fits perfectly with long black jeans which I also bought together with the blouse. I wouldn’t use this too frequent here because I rarely have formal occasions and wearing sleeveless tops are too cold for me. But I think I’d use this once I decided to study abroad … maybe.



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  1. Sorry to hear the enrollment didn’t go so well. I hope everything works out in the end though. Also, your top is very cute! I wish I could wear something like that!

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