Feb-Mar Favorite Purchases

There were a lot of items that I would really like to purchase back when I was still away from Japan. So I ended up doing a mini shopping spree almost immediately after I came back.

Weck 500ml container ($4-5), 370ml ($3-4)

Weck storage containers were one of the items I found really cute and practical when I was browsing some random Scandinavian lifestyle website. I did a little research about the brand and I’m pretty sure it has German origins.

Anyway, these recycled glass containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There’s a ton of purposes for them but I bought it to store my pure honey and tea leaves (see header image). The glass lids come with the containers, but the orange rubber and metal clasps are sold separately so you’d have to purchase it according to the container size you plan to use.

Of course, you have other alternatives when it comes to air-tight containers like mason jars or the typical air tight glass container (you know, the one with the metal wires). But I chose this one for its adorable design and easiness to clean. (You can even dip the whole thing, lid included, into boiling water to heat the contents directly!) I’m overall satisfied with this purchase and I’m thinking of switching out my other containers once I see the opportunity to.

Shimamoto Seiyakusho Steel Frypan 22cm ($17)

I finally jumped onto the steel frypan bandwagon. I was having difficulty with my current ceramic frypan as they lost their non stickiness after only a few uses. I even followed the care instructions carefully, but almost everything I cook would stick onto the pan and burn.

I’ve heard about steel frypans for awhile now, and saw a lot of YouTube videos about it. They say it makes your food more delicious (because of some certain chemical reaction I’m not sure about), and with actual proper care, they can be used for a long time without it rusting or losing it’s non-stickiness.

People familiar with steel frypans will most likely know that the key to its longevity is seasoning. I wasn’t sure whether I should purchase it because I was afraid I would mess up the seasoning process and destroy the whole pan in the process after several uses. Turns out, it wasn’t all that difficult. A little getting used to was all I needed.

Now I can fry eggs and make my favorite homemade fried rice without the stress of burning it in the process. Yum!

Noritake Hanasarasa Cup & Saucer ($28). Excuse the messy surroundings.

I’ve been eyeing this cup and saucer from Noritake for the longest time but couldn’t purchase it because they kept going out of stock. Noritake is Japanese brand that mainly makes chinaware. Their Hanasarasa series is one of my favorites. The series itself has different sizes of cups for tea and coffee, but I got the universal one that would suit both.

There’s nothing much to say about this cup, really. It’s just pretty and pleasing to the eyes. You can’t use this in a microwave, obviously, which is a downside of most chinaware. But the design makes me enjoy my coffee and tea time so much more.

Blundstone Low-cut Boots in Brown ($189 → $143 sale price)

To be honest, this is probably one of the most unexpected thing I’ve purchased. I was never a fan of boots before. I do own a pair of high-cut boots which my dad bought me a couple of years ago, but I rarely wore it since I find it difficult to pair with my clothing items.

And then I discovered this low-cut boots on the same website where I found the Weck storage containers. I’ve never heard the brand Blundstone before, but it seems they’re quite popular for making boots. I got attracted to the cute round shape and color and saw a couple of styling pictures which matched my current wardrobe. Further browsing led me to discover that it was currently on discount at Amazon Japan. What’s even more, it was part of the ‘try before purchasing’ program. It allows you to try the product at your home for 7 days before you decide to purchase or return it. So, I decided to press the order button.

The boots doesn’t just look cute, it’s also very comfortable, and I noticed that the moment I tried it on. I also did a couple of experiments by mixing a lot of the fashion pieces I have and surprisingly, a lot of them did match with the boots. I guess because it’s low-cut, it almost looks like a sneaker. But I gradually fell in love with it and decided to keep it.

It was an expensive pair, but I think it’s one of the best purchases I made this time.

OSAJI Nuance Face Color ($23) 01 ‘Sugata’

Lastly, I purchased this lip-eye-cheek 3 in 1 makeup. I’m not sure what the official name for this kind makeup is, but the item itself is like a balm which you can apply as an eyeshadow, blush, or lip color. I originally thought the price point was a bit high for an item this small, but I really liked the natural soft color and the multipurpose aspect of it.

Although this fails as a lip color (it’s too pale for the color to show on my lips), it works as a beautiful monotone eyeshadow and blush. I now apply this everyday and it lifts my mood just by doing it.



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4 responses to “Feb-Mar Favorite Purchases”

  1. Hanako Avatar

    Those storage jars are very cute! And I learn over the years that even though it says “nonstick” it still requires a little butter/oil in the pan. I never heard of a steel frying pan? It’s not cast iron? Cast iron is probably the best pan to use, but it’s heavy and requires a lot of special attention (not dishwasher safe, must dry immediately after washing, no soaking, and only mild dish detergent.) I like using stainless steel or cast iron that’s been coated with enamel. It’s non stick for the most part (again, requires a little bit of oil or butter), but it’s heavy duty and great for pot roast or stews. The tea cup and saucer is very cute! I would buy it, but I’m too practical at my old age. It needs to be dishwasher and microwave safe for me to even think about owning. The boots are cute! I wish I didn’t have ginormous feet. They’ll look like clown shoes on me. T.T The make up sounds appealing, but I just don’t wear enough makeup to even consider about purchasing. In fact, all my make up stuff is old and needs to be replaced. lol I’m glad it makes you feel good!

    1. Hanako Avatar

      New URL: https://hellohunnybee.blogspot.com/

      I promise I’ll stop changing my URL so much. I just get bored easily with it.

    2. Rin Avatar

      Apologies. Yes the official name is cast iron, but I forgot about that and just directly translated from the Japanese name lol. I purchased the 22cm diameter and it is kinda heavy to lift, but it’s been fun cooking with it.

      1. Hanako Avatar

        I love my cast irons! They make everything tastier!

        (New Url: https://strawbearysweet.blogspot.com/

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