Small reunion with old friends

I decided to muster courage and go out to meet 3 of my university friends after repeatedly turning down their hang out requests due to my paranoia of getting infected by the virus. But I decided to go out anyways because I feel like I’ll keep creating more excuses for myself eitherway.

3 of them all live in the same city that is far from mine’s (it’s still in Tokyo, but technically different districts). Despite that, they went all the way to my area to meet up, which is something that I extremely appreciate.

I feel like they haven’t changed much in two years, appearance wise. But one of them got married and another one changed jobs twice already. The last one didn’t change one bit, and that aspect of his makes me relieved somehow.

We had a late lunch in an Italian restaurant together (or was it French?) which was at Kinshicho, one station away from mines. We talked about life, work, relationships, all those typical topics that usually come up when you talk to someone who you haven’t met in a very long time. I didn’t talk much myself, because I prefer to listen to stories more than telling them. They, of course, asked me about my relationship status, to which I replied, ‘stagnant’. It’s not a lie. Technically.

One of my friends is a coffee lover, so I asked him to take us to a recommended coffee shop around the area. We entered this old-fashioned coffee shop which was located right in front of the Kinshi Park. Too bad I didn’t take more pictures of the surroundings.

Dalicup Coffee House. Image from Google.

We spent around an hour just chatting about the most random and absurd stuff before deciding to leave for a walk. The weather that day was exceptionally good, warmer than usual. We passed through the Kinshi Park and saw a lot of people just pulling out their picnic sheets and sitting beneath the shades of the tree. Sounds of children having fun can be heard everywhere. It really feels like spring is coming soon.

One of my friends said we should all walk towards the Tokyo Skytree (the Skytree is actually visible from my place), so we all said yes and started walking. I’ve been living in this area for a year now, but this is my first time I’m exploring it. I told myself that I should do a little exploration of my own area, but guess I would’ve never stepped out and looked around by myself.

After what seems like an hour (but probably only 30 minutes), we finally arrived at our destination. It’s also my first time seeing the Skytree up close. I’d like to go up and see the night view with my friends but they all have different appointments after, so I guess that’s a next time.

The sunset at Oshiage. Shot on iPhone 12.

It was time to head back, so I decided to take a walk back to the Kinshicho station since the weather was great. It was starting to get windy, but this view that I suddenly discovered when crossing the street just made my whole day even better. I guess stepping out once in awhile is worth it after all.







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  1. Hanako Avatar

    I’m relieved that you finally went out and about! I know the feeling of being afraid of catching covid, but I think at this point, just about everyone who was going to catch it, already caught it, and thus, the spread isn’t nearly as bad or critical. I mean, I still worry about catching it, but at least it’ll be much more manageable. And I can’t be afraid of it either since my daughter will be going to school soon.

    Anyway, it sounds like you had a very nice time out. It honestly reminds me of stories by Murakami or Rooney. Just a nice slice of life moment that you shared with your friends. I have to admit, I’m jealous of you. Work, good family, and great friends. Everything I’ve always wanted. I mean, my family is good, but yeah… I guess you can say I’m the Naoko or Marianne in the stories. Life is just a little more complicated than others.

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