Reviving my iPhone

I’ve had my iPhone since the first year of senior high. My dad actually got it as a present from some bank. Both me and my brother was longing for a new phone last time so we kinda fought to get the ownership. 😛 But in the end I got the iPhone and my dad bought a new Samsung phone for my brother.

After months of overcharging and wrong treatment, this phone’s battery finally inflated. At first, it lifted the middle part of the screen a bit. You can see the LCD lights coming out from the cracks. I thought it was because I dropped the phone too many times or (nearly) immersed it while I was brushing my teeth (lol I bring my phone with me anywhere). Next time I checked, the very top part of the screen had a huge gap that even your fingernails could fit into it. I decided it’s time to call the doctor.

I went to the Apple’s service center and the customer service said that I have to change the battery for 2,95 million rupiah and wait a month. I was quite shocked at first, but considering this overpriced iPhone, I realised that the battery’s price wasn’t something new. I decided to ask other service centers and found one with a pretty decent price of 500k to change the battery. Both my mom and I thought it’s better to buy a new phone rather than spending 2,95 mil on a battery and not knowing whether it’ll totally work or not. So I decided to give this 500k service center a try even though the battery won’t be genuine.


Well, what do you know, it worked! I left the phone for service and went to lunch. When I came back, I only needed to wait another ten minutes and the repair was done. Sure, the screen can’t fully be restored to it’s perfect state but at least there’s no gaping ray of light left.

Note to self:
Do not charge when going to sleep
Do not use the phone while charging
(I still do that even though I know it’ll break my phone.)

4 replies on “ Reviving my iPhone ”
  1. Glad to hear that your phone is fixed! It always a great feeling when you get something fixed for cheap! I always charge my phone when I go to sleep… Maybe I should stop?

  2. Yes. I’m glad I didn’t go with Apple’s. I swear their fee is just too expensive ❗
    You better avoid charging before going to sleep unless you want your phone to end up like mine. 😆

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