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2021 new apartment tour

It’s been two weeks ever since I moved into the new apartment and I’ve gotten most of my things sorted out. I spent quite a lot of time trying to build the DIY furniture on my own but I think I’m finally done with it!

I’m very satisfied with my current work space. I thought I wouldn’t like the dark color but I turned out liking it very much as it helps to create the monotone theme with the other furniture pieces. I especially love the lamp and the decoration plant that gives a very nice accent.

This area is to the right of my workspace. It’s mainly my rice cooker and water jug is. The cabinet below it stores my extra tissue boxes and other appliances that I don’t use as often because it’s actually a bit hard to access the left cabinet due to the space. The right side is my skincare space and the cabinet below it stores my tea and other more frequently accessed items.

Behind my workspace is my bedroom. I have clothes drawers right next to it where I put my books and bags on top of it. The closet is way smaller than the one at my old place, so I had to put hooks on it to store my bags and other stuff.

Lastly, my kitchen space. It’s very very small. The whole sink set is way bigger in general and there are two burners for the stove, but the space to put my refrigerator was so limited that I had no other place to put my kitchen trolley. And so, I had to put my drying rack next to the sink and move it somewhere else when I want to use that space to cut stuff. Oh well, just gotta work with what you have.

I still have the laundry and bathroom area that I haven’t shown yet, but that area is generally messy and unappealing so I shall skip that. I hope this little tour entertains you for now!



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  1. I don’t know why, but Japan’s apartment walls are so very clean. I guess because you’re not allowed to hang up stuff using nails? (I just bought some spackle to fix up some of the holes in my wall. I’ll have to buy a special one for nail holes later on). Anyway, your work space is so nice! I’m so jealous. I have a folding table where I keep my laptop on. I don’t have a permanent place like I use to. 🙁 (Honestly, this apartment is getting too small for us). I also love the lamp with the greenery around it!

    I’m going to stop complaining about how small my kitchen is for now on. One look at your kitchen, I would have said “Nope.” And immediately look for a new apartment. I know right now your budget is a little short, by I have seen double storage dish racks that takes up less space. I’m not sure the width of your counter, but that might free up half your counter and then you’ll be able to chop without moving the dish drainer everywhere. Or an adjustable one that goes over your sink. That ones more expensive, but will solve the small kitchen space. (I been researching these, but for my family, it’s just too small. I wash all my pots and pans by hand and need a big rack to dry them).

    I also recommend buying an over the door hook with multiple hooks. What I found best was just using a over-the-door bathroom towel rack. It usually comes with 5-8 hooks. There is also a slim tower rolling rack for storage. Again, I know this takes money, but I just wanted to give you some ideas. My first apartment had a tiny kitchen. I had a half counter to prepare everything on. I didn’t really cook back then, so it never really bothered me. If you need more ideas, please feel free to ask! Or you can always search “space saving ideas”.

    Lastly, I completely understand not wanting to take pictures of your laundry/bathroom. I don’t ever want to show anyone that, unless I did top to bottom cleaning! (In fact, that’s what I’ll be doing today to make my arm move around. Apparently the vaccine causes arm pain. I don’t want to suffer! T.T)

    1. I think the reason why the walls are so clean is because they always use wallpaper so they can always renew it if there are tear/dirt on it.

      LOL at your statement for stopping to complain about your kitchen. Yeah, I’m pretty sure there are solutions for this space issue. I’m going to need a bit more time to get extra money to fix everything, though. Right now, I still can tolerate moving the dishrack because I usually cook in one go, so I only need to move it back and forth once. Thank you for the ideas, though! I’ll list them up and think about it once I get spare money to spend.

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