I got a desk for ‘analog’ stuff (and a mini book review)

In the book Steal Like An Artist, the author recommended having two separate tables/areas for tech and analog stuff. I don’t remember the reason why. But recently, I’ve just been spending my weekends staring at my monitor with nothing much to do and I wanted to change that habit. I’d like to draw, but I have almost no space for my drawing books and painting is dangerous since I could get the colors everywhere. (My previous painting was done on the floor.) I’ve been feeling that my current table is too small recently and wanted to invest in another table and make my office space into an L shape. But it was impossible to find a same table with the same size but smaller width. (There was one in Ikea but shipping costs $200, so no thank you.) After days of searching, I finally remembered that Muji had released a small folding table in the past, so I checked their online store and found that their shipping was way more reasonable ($10), and decided to get one.

The table had some weight, a wonderful scent of wood, and was easy to ‘construct’. Being foldable is a plus point, since I could just store it away if I decided I need more open space one day. I put it by the window since I wanted more sunlight during the day. I placed my usual stationery tray, my bathroom clock, and some flowers I got recently. It became my favorite ‘corner’ in my room in an instant.

Watashi no Utsukushii Niwa by Nagira Yuu

I’d love to get creative immediately but I haven’t ordered a cutting mat to protect the table, so playing with watercolors will have to wait. Instead, I’ve made some progress in reading recently. I’m still continuing Watashi no Utsukushii Niwa and now I have less than a hundred pages before I finish it. I’ve been reading it when I’m in the bus going home as it helps me kill time since I’m too sleepy and tired in the morning to use my brain cells to process kanji. Anyways, I’ve been enjoying this book more than I expected to. (Originally bought because of the pretty cover lol). I love the use of words and proses by the author and how well she fleshes out the characters in the book. It makes them feel real and it makes me feel a myriad of emotions that they felt. I’m also fascinated how 300 pages could fit a story about an orphan, a gay man, a woman who lost the love of her life, a man with depression, and a man that had to take in the child of his ex-wife (which is the orphan).

There’s one line that I really liked in the book spoken by Touri (the man who took in the orphan) to defend Rou (the gay man) from their friends who ‘apologized’ after distancing themselves from Rou because they found out he’s gay.

If you can’t understand, then that can’t be helped. Then you should shut up and just pass by. But you had to approach Rou and make excuses because you wanted to feel relieved by being forgiven, right? However, that guilty conscience is your baggage. If you’re going to hurt someone, you should at least bear that yourself.

Touri, Watashi no Utsukushii Niwa

I love the author’s writing, and I’m probably going to pick up her other works after I finish this one. 放浪の月 (The Wandering Moon) was one of her popular works which got adapted into a movie in Japan recently, so I’ll probably pick that up.

A short summer break is coming soon, so I’ll be drowning in movies and books while using my brand new desk to its fullest!

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  1. The folding table is gorgeous! You can’t even tell that it’s a folding table! I did the same thing but I bought mine on Amazon. I needed a smaller kitchen table, but I couldn’t find any. Then I found a wooden folding table that’s the perfect size for the kitchen. I also like that it’s easy to fold, but it is on the heavy side. I had a pretty table cover until my daughter and husband proved me wrong by spilling drinks all over it. Now I have an ugly brown vinyl just to keep it safe, but even then, if the spill is large enough it will seep through.

    Your book sounds most interesting and I wish there was a translated version, but you never know. It may get translated some day. “If you’re going to hurt someone, you should at least bear that yourself” is a very good quote. I don’t understand in this age in society that people find it almost necessary to hurt others. My husband was telling me about a homophobic man at one of the places he visited to work (he inventories stuff around the city) and for me, I just don’t get why. I may have gotten hit on a few times, but I found it flattering that they think I’m pretty enough to flirt with. lol But I can’t say that it bothers me a whole lot. In fact, it doesn’t bother me at all. But that quote goes beyond that. It can go towards any kind of cruelness that people are somehow able to possess easily. I was telling my husband that it’s easy to be mean and terrible and yet it takes a lot of work to be kind these days. Should be the opposite, but I find myself sometimes being “mean” to others.

    I’m glad you’re loving your new area! That’s how I felt when I got my desk, although it’s quite small and now I can’t easily open the curtains. (We pinned it to keep the sun/heat out for the summer). And sometimes it’s a pain to try to use my laptop and draw at the same time, but now I have a folding table design for using laptops so it’s small and also design to fit the legs under the couch so it’s closer to you. I put it next to my desk when I’m feeling inspired and need to write or draw. Having that one dedicated space is very nice.

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