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My first actual Golden Week, but not really

Some of you might have known what Golden Week is. It’s a week full of holidays in Japan to celebrate… things. During my time in university, we never really had our days off because classes are still ongoing despite the fact that it’s a proper holiday.

This time I’m getting a proper Golden Week holiday. But it’s somewhat sad because of the pandemic. It just doesn’t feel like one. Normally I would’ve gone to visit my friends and hang out somewhere, do something fun. But now, that doesn’t seem like a wise thing to do. I’m probably going to spend the whole week indoors as much as possible. Tokyo infection rates are most likely going to spike because people will go everywhere during this week-long holiday.

I don’t have much entertainment, so I’ll probably just spend the time reading my textbooks, playing Genshin and Omori, watch some more anime, and spend the time experimenting on cooking. I’ve been craving for kimbap lately, so I’m planning to go to the supermarket at the end of this week to see if they have the ingredients. It’d be great if they have the precut ones.

April feels like it passed by so fast. Probably because I’m just busy daily dealing with training. I’m not sure what awaits me after, and that’s making me feel a bit uneasy. But I guess there’s no point thinking about that right now.



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  1. I love your tea cup! Very cute and pretty!

    I’m sorry that it doesn’t feel like a real holiday for you. I know what it’s like, this is the second time I will spend my birthday in “quarantine” just because I don’t want my daughter to catch covid. But you should enjoy the time off from work. It must be nice to be off for an entire week. They don’t have that in the US. There are some holidays that you do get to take off, but not an entire week! Sometimes just being home is nice.

    Also, I wouldn’t worry about what you’ll be going to do at work. How much training do you have left? Are you able to inquire about it to the head trainer? I always ask myself, even if it seems like it bugs them. I like being mentally prepared. Anyways, don’t stress yourself out!

    1. I think the teacup’s supposed to be a Starbucks merchandise for the mother’s day. I bought it for myself because I liked how it looks lol. I wish it was a bit more light-weight. It’s kinda heavy to hold it with just one hand for a long time.

      I spent the day just staying indoors yesterday. Today, I went to the city hall to get some more paperwork done. I wanted to go window shopping right after but I realized I screwed up my time because I went too early and by the time I was done, none of the shops are open yet lol.

      I did get a detailed schedule from my superiors about the specialized training. It’s just full of terms that I don’t really understand yet lol.

      1. Goodness. I know what you mean. Government places are open early and everything else is open at like 11am here. It’s kind of annoying because there’s people who want to go shopping early because 1) they’re a morning person and 2) trying to avoid crowds. Every store is slammed at 11am. Sigh. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the rest of Golden Week!

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